Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Planes Over Herne Bay

Having just done my monthly post about the popularity of the local blogs I noticed that I have been getting quite a few referrals from Planes Over Herne Bay so I have added it although it is not a strictly Thanet blog.

I have to admit with spending much of my spare time on Pleasurama I haven’t been keeping as much of an eye on the Airport issue as perhaps I should have done.

Anyway I am off to sign the petition against night flights between 11pm and 7am something I certainly don’t want.

I have managed to tweak this site a bit so it loads much quicker then it did and it seems to be picking up posts on the other local blogs much quicker that the blogger widget, so there is no problem having a few extra blogs now.


Stop the loonies said...

Quite ironic that the petition page is full of google ads for aviation and flying dontcha think ...

Stop the loonies said...

Thanet Blogs - oh and that loony from Herne Bay. not quite thanet blogs then is it?

Michael Child said...

STL I am not totally opposed to the airport, but am very concerned that the airport hasn’t been run with proper environmental safety controls, airports are one of the last places one should consider flouting safety rules.

But the night flights is a different issue altogether and yes those I am opposed to living under the flight path as I do.

With Thanet Blogs it’s a site that hardly anyone ever uses, I use it to save time keeping up to date with the local comments, I also find it helpful when people comment on old posts as I don’t want to trawl through loads them.

Planes over Here Bay is Thanet related posts and comment and it’s just handy for me to be able to check it quickly with the rest.

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