Friday, 21 May 2010

Is blogging an activity for the insane? If it is I have removed from here those who have been cured.

Johann Christian Reil, who coined the word psychiatry made some suggestions for curing the insane, I quote:

“Why not try plunging the lunatic into a bath full of live eels, this is bound to prompt a reaction.

Or what about showing them a Katzenklavier, or cat-clavichord (pictured above), an instrument played by pressing keys attached to nails which in turn strike the tails of a series of cats arranged with care so as to miaow in tonally sequenced pain.”

Anyway all of the Thanet blogs that haven’t posted anything for a month have been deleted below and I have added the curative picture above.


Peter Checksfield said...

Michael, a good idea that you're only including blogs that have recently been updated - even if it does mean the loss of my Margate Music Man blog (I haven't abandoned this entirely & indeed got an informative new comment on there just today, but I don't really have the time to do the neccesary in-depth research right now).

I too have been wondering why the Thanet blog scene has been diminishing of late.

Peter Checksfield said...

This blog seems to be active again & is worth adding in my opinion:

Michael Child said...

Peter RVW you two again, well this all has to be in Java so I will sort the whole site out soon. My days as a geek were supposed to be over in about 1972

Peter Checksfield said...

Strangely Michael this blog doesn't seem to be working as well as usual during the past day or two (most of the new comments on ECR's blog aren't appearing on here).

Michael Child said...

Peter yep I can’t work it out ECR’s feed looks Just like the thanetonline one, they both use an online script hosted on my bookshop website and the script here is the same.

I have just commented on both blogs the one on ECR didn’t come up here and the one on thanetonline did.

Michael Child said...

Peter I think it’s working now, please keep an eye on it.

To be honest I tried lots of different things and I don’t know if any of them worked or if it just went right by itself.

Peter Checksfield said...

Thanks Michael, certainly seems OK again now.

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